Photo Editing Apps

6 Best Photo Editing Apps To Boost Your Engagement On Social Media

With a good camera phone, you’ll need an equally high-quality Photo Editing Apps. Nowadays the top smartphones are able to produce beautiful photographs, but you could still get more out of them if you use specialist software. Even though most smartphones come preloaded with photo-editing applications, this is only a small portion of what you may wish to do.

For example, some of the following options can interact with Raw images, remove undesired objects in the scene of a picture, or alter the appearance of a photo using really smart AI-based filters. White balance, layering, exposure, among many other choices are all available. Fun elements like stickers and simple social network sharing are also included, but they’re not necessary.

1. PicsArt (Android, iOS)

Due to the ease of use and exhaustive set of features, PicsArt is the top selection for the best picture editing applications. It gives you a lot of creative freedom, good picture editing capabilities, and a wide range of eye-catching filter options to add. You can also add funny stickers, make collages that are completely editable, and share your creations with others via email or social media platforms. It comes with a variety of pre-capture filters and Photo Editing Apps features.

Photo Editing Apps 2. Snapseeds (Android, iOS)

Snapseed is not for casual users, but rather for photographers who need to spend time making the finest possible picture when on the trip. As a result, it has a full set of editing features, including selective editing brushes, as well as a good variety of motion picture filters such as Blur, Lens, Double Exposure, and Retrolux.

Photo Editing Apps 3. Adobe Photoshop Camera

It is one of the greatest photo editing apps for smartphones.

Filters, referred to as “lens,” in Photoshop Camera allow the application of special effects or the change of color, brightness, and clarity. Using Adobe Intelligence, the Camera analyzes the style of shot and develops filters for key features, including a face or even the sky. This is what makes the Camera so unique and powerful. If you want to add a cloud or create reflections in water, you may do it using a sky lens without impacting other parts of the image. Lenses featuring “sprites” – intelligent things that can be rotated, magnified, and squeezed — are also available. It allows the location and resizing of eyepiece items. Minor animation, such as a rocket ship launching off, can also be seen in some filters.

4. Pixlr

It is one of the great photo editing software for those who really want to dedicate their images, add some cool filters, and then share them on social platforms. You’ll be able to start having fun with your photos straight away from the application.

5. Adobe Lightroom (Android, iOS)

As one of the fogging processes, Adobe Lightroom mobile gives access to your whole image collection and comprehensive pictures (both original and edits). This advanced Photo Editing Apps software provides expert control and quality if you purchased the whole Lightroom system(beginning at $9.99/month). In contrast, the Adobe Smartphone app is free, and you can pay $4.99 per month for a premium membership that offers you 100 GB of storage space on any phone or tablet.

6. Pixtica (Android) 

Pixtica doesn’t offer anything new in the world of picture editing software, but you won’t be finding it anywhere else, especially in such a beautiful and user-friendly design as Pixtica offers. There are many creative options accessible with the Android devices only which gives you total control over everything from ISO to focus on shutter speed.


There is a lot of competition in the photo-related app market. When one application introduces a new feature that becomes popular, others are fast to follow the trend. Copycats have sprung up in response to the popularity of Snapchat’s vanishing Photo Editing Apps and video communications.