Interesting Ways To Know How To See Who Saved Your Instagram Post

5 Interesting Ways To Know How To See Who Saved Your Instagram Post

From 2010 to present, Instagram emerged as the mainstream for people on the internet to share their daily activities through photos and videos. Get a chance to follow your friends and brands to interact with them potentially with various features like DMs, feeds, Instagram stories, Reels, and IGTV. Therefore, Instagram acts as a store containing engaging videos for grabbing the attention of millions of users.  Hence it is quite evident that it is would not be a tough task to gain impressions and take your Instagram posts even more forward.

Moreover, Instagram offers a chance for users to take note of their favorite posts with the Save feature. If you are using Instagram for a long time, finding your audience activity is essential. One of the best ways to find audience engagement is to know how to see who saved your Instagram post and get it easily for their future use.

What Is Instagram Save Feature?

Users on Instagram show their appreciation by giving a like and clicking save for their future reference. With the help of the Save feature, you can easily find the required information on Instagram. The save feature on Instagram is also known as a bookmarking feature where you can store attractive videos.

How To Save Instagram Posts?

Instagram is an engaging platform filled with millions of exciting content. If you found an attractive video and want to view it later, save them to your collection. Most Instagram users come across different trending reels. To refer to the same in the future, know how to save Instagram posts to your collection. But how? Get a solution by following the following ways:

  1. Open any post on your Instagram feed.
  2. There, you will find the bookmarking icon on the bottom right corner of the content.
  3. When tapping on that icon, the specific video gets into the collection.

Finally, view the saved posts in the collection section of your profile.

How To See Who Saved Your Instagram Post?

No matter whether you are a private or public account, any users viewing your post can save it to their collection. What matters most is the number of reels likes for your Instagram videos that come from genuine Instagram to ensure long lasting audience engagement for your content. So, creating short and attractive videos with trending concepts enhances your reach by initiating audiences to save and share your content. Get the specific insight of knowing how to see who saved your Instagram post by changing your personal account into a business account and follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the Settings option available under your Instagram profile.
  2. Click the Accounts option.
  3. Convert your personal account into a business account.
  4. After switching your account, click on the required reel video or any of your posts to view the insight.
  5. Click on the View Insights option available under your specific post.
  6. Under the insights menu, find the bookmarking icon where you will get the count of persons who saved the particular image or video. 

The count indicates the number of times your posts get saved by the audiences under their collection section.

How To View Who Saved Your Instagram Post?

Finding the account who saved your Instagram post is impossible because of privacy policies. Since Instagram follows the rules strictly, the audiences get access to save it if you provide permission at your end. With the help of the View Insights option, you can access only the number of persons who saved your Instagram post

How To Know Who Saved Your Instagram Post?

Without any application, you can get a solution for finding how to know who saved your Instagram post. Are you curious to know? Get on to the following steps to know the followers who saved your post:

  1. Screenshot your post for which you want to get the insights.
  2. Then create a story using the screenshot with the help of a Question sticker.
  3. On the question tag, raise a Q&A session by asking followers about who saved your post.

Finally, you will get replies from the followers who saved your Instagram post. 


Most users know how to save a post on Instagram for later use. Only a few know how to view the number of saves for their post by audiences. No worries! The above guide helps you to find how to see who saved your Instagram post to analyze your video performance.