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Everything you need to know about TikTok’s comment section to boost user interaction

TikTok is loved by many, not just because of the trendy films and dances uploaded there. The TikTok comment section is a hotbed for meta-discussions on numerous issues and amusing jokes, so much more than just a platform to voice an opinion. Many would argue that this function is the app’s most significant attribute, given that prominent commenters make money by making the masses happy and Twitter frequently reposts pages like @commentsooc.

Viral comments on TikTok can bring more likes. They are too valuable to ignore because of their potential exposure to companies through engagement. Use the comments section on your TikTok videos to engage with your audience and build brand awareness by showcasing your company’s sense of humor, genuineness, and wit.

In this article, you’ll learn the strategies used by the most successful businesses on TikTok to attract comments.

Eight tips to getting the most out of your TikTok comments

Anything from silly dancing videos to severe challenges like the Adult Swim craze may be found on TikTok. During the past two years, several companies have followed suit with various comment trends to gain more visibility and cash in on TikTok’s popularity. So, what other methods can businesses utilize to get the most out of consumer feedback on TikTok? Keep this in mind as inspiration for your future writing assignments.

Use the attention that hot articles receive to increase the number of comments on your post.

We’ve previously established that businesses frequently use comment sections beneath viral videos to spread the word of their products. Every business may comment on a popular video, but only the greatest ones get seen.

Raise interest and get others involved by giving a challenge.

Marketers often try to increase conversation in the comments section by including a call to action in the video’s or caption’s text. Typical tactics include asking viewers to “share,” “use an emoji,” or “answer a question” about the material.

Comments on Milk Makeup’s TikTok channel have CTAs meant to spark discussion. Cosmetics firm Milk asked, “What would you do if you opened your bathroom cabinet and saw a stack of Milk products?” on TikTok recently. The business also personally responded to several comments and urged emoji responses.

When working with creators, think outside of the sponsored post box.

TikTok’s creators are an integral part of the app’s success. They’re incredibly successful in the comments section, and many are influential enough to collaborate with businesses on branded content like ads and videos.

Although readers and consumers benefit from sponsored content, too much may be annoying. According to the Sprout Social IndexTM for 2022, if content producers publish sponsored material more than once or twice weekly, 81% of their followers will unfollow them. Considerations for collaboration with creators via the app’s comment section and other features, such as TikTok LIVE, should be made by businesses.

You should reevaluate how much you can work with people offline beyond just using your phone.

Senior Samuel Beasely of 2021 published a TikTok in which he discussed “[getting] the most fire Old Navy commercial ever,” Over 1,300 people reacted with clips they’d want to see in an ad, catching the attention of Old Navy’s advertising agency. Shortly following, Old Navy released a new spring advertisement inspired by TikTok comments. Superimposed screenshots are used throughout the commercial to highlight that it was developed using feedback from real people.

To obtain more marketing concepts for its clothing line in 2022, Old Navy is now asking its customers to tag them on social media.

Initiate discussion-inducing user-generated content with permission.

TikTok’s comment section is a treasure trove of user-generated material (but you must share the jackpot, of course). Creator-made films promoting a company’s goods can be posted on the company’s TikTok page. User-generated content from fans and creators who share the company’s ideals will also be included. Before publishing the video again, ESPN made sure to get permission from the creator of the original version.

Check out TikTok Duets and videos from unsigned artists very carefully.

Your business may get traction by commenting on viral videos, forming partnerships with major producers, and interacting with large and small accounts. YouTube star Jackie Aina teamed up with TikTok creator @dakkatsu to review Nars Cosmetics’ new Light Reflecting Foundation.

See what your clients are thinking by reading their feedback.

To better understand the voice of the customer (VOC), marketers may learn from the honest thoughts of TikTok users in the comments section. The comments area captures readers’ true feelings, whether positive or negative.

Sani, a clothing line with roots in India and South Asia, was founded by two sisters. Customers’ ideas and opinions are welcomed and respected in the comments section, which they expertly moderate. The firm began producing them as it became clear that their customers wanted more size alternatives.

Tread carefully when deciding to disable comments on TikTok.

Even while it’s great when customers are pleased, there’s always room for improvement. Some businesses may disable comments to avert a public relations disaster if the situation becomes too dire.

Put off making any hasty decisions. It is the opinion of specific clients that businesses must consider consumer feedback, no matter how positive it may be. This indicates that management is either too sensitive to negative feedback or lacks the resources to respond appropriately. Limiting or removing the ability to leave comments will decrease participation and exposure. Because of this, a valuable opportunity to connect with customers has been squandered.


The comments section of TikTok requires a systematic approach and a solid understanding of the app’s concept. Businesses might benefit from having a central location for responding to feedback received across all of their social media channels.